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Success at First Baptist Church is seen by how effectively we create opportunities for members and guests to connect with God and with each other. One opportunity where that can happen is in a small group made up of six or seven married couples or eight to ten individuals.


Our small groups are places where people develop relationships with God and with each other. Most small groups meet Sunday evening two times a month in the homes of members for one and one-half hours. Childcare is provided at the church free of charge. Small groups may choose to meet at times other than Sunday evenings. In that case, childcare is provided with a minimum number of children required. Another option for childcare is for a small group to hire its own childcare workers with church reimbursement.

We believe a small group is the best place for life change to occur. It’s in this setting were people study God’s Word, fellowship together and ask the tough questions of life. It’s also where they pray and care for one another. A small group meets for 18-24 months and then creates one or more new small groups.


You can join a small group by coming to CONNECT. CONNECT is a one hour event where people are informed about our small group philosophy as well as connecting with others interested in joining a small group. CONNECT is held twice a year (January & August). If interested in attending the next CONNECT, pre-register by completing and submitting the following form.